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May 16th, 2009

Wow – it’s been awhile since I posted. I have been pretty busy, though. I’m looking forward to a sword-fighting gig this summer, been making plans for the rest of the faire season as well and trying to get my house physically in order (and not really succeeding).

EDIT: I am also glad to hear that my friend Zarzuela is recovering nicely! *sends hefty healing vibes!*

For one thing, the booth is not opening at the NY Ren Faire this year. With the economy in its current state and ours being a niche market in a non-fibercentric setting, I just didn’t see us doing well enough to justify the investment. But, I will still be making spindles and lucets and posting them in my Etsy store as they are created (although production has been somewhat slow lately due to everything else going on).

And hey, Spring has arrived, hasn’t it!

I’ve been working on a crochet project for the store – the Boteh Scarf (Ravelry link) from Interweave Crochet, on which I am teaching a class at The Yarn Barn on July 29th.

I’m really pleased with how the colors change (a factor I was concerned about) with the Kureyon Sock – it’ll also work up well with Silk Garden Sock (those are the two yarns to choose from for the class!) and it makes a really nice, lightweight scarf.

If you like that mug you see there, well, I LOVE THIS MUG AND YOU CAN’T HAZ IT.


So, I literally squealed with adoration when I saw it online (sad, I know – but TEH CUTE!). However, you can get one similar to it from a wonderful Etsy seller named Skybird Arts who makes them – and every one is different. I loves me some tentacly goodness!

I also have been wanting more knitted tanks for the summer, especially since the few I have don’t fit now that I lost weight! I dug up a pattern I bought several years ago that did not come out so great when I used Berroco Cotton Twist. This is how I discovered that I’m not crazy for mercerized cotton (although it seems that Cotton Twist isn’t one of the better ones – what did I know back then?), but also the pattern is written really badly and only for two sizes. Even though it’s labelled only for size 10. Yeah, did I mention it’s written badly?

However, I love the design and wanted to give it another shot. So, I picked up some Jo Sharp Desert Garden in an awesome dark teal color…

…and got down to it!

In fact, earlier this afternoon I finished the back. It’s a really quick knit and I took COPIOUS notes so I’m prepared for the front without having to retranslate the damned thing. I plan on making the front dip down a little more – we’ll see how that works out! After that’s done, I’ll move onto either the Whisper Cardigan or this swing tank by Classic Elite (Rav link) using this shade of Premiere:

In shopping news, I saw some really cool-lookin’ roses at Stop & Shop the other week. They were labelled as color “Cherries Jubilee” and if I ever see such a rose that I can plant in my garden, I am likely to buy it on the spot! Aren’t they neat??? It’s like they’re each hand-watercolored!

Also, I spotted this in the kitty toys section at Walmart and had to restrain myself from bursting out laughing. I mean, who doesn’t want to share the joy of clubbing baby seals with their cat? And it comes with it’s own bat!

Someone in product development is laughing an evil laugh, lol…

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2 Responses:

  1. Chris Says:

    Are they still called bleeding hearts when they’re all white?

  2. Octopus Knits Says:

    I think they’ve bled so much, they lost all their blood :)

    The Boteh scarf is gorgeous in Noro colorways, and your tank is looking great.

    I do love the mug! Thanks for pointing out where you got it – very cool.

    Oh, my… that, ahem, “wand” toy is quite interesting…

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